The Course

The course is by anyone’s standard a true test of golf. A mile from the sea and sitting on a sandy base it is blessed with excellent drainage allowing for all year round golf. As a result, the need for temporary surfaces over the winter period is never encountered.

The course is largely flat but nonetheless challenging. The third hole for example, is a short par three to an island green that has gained a deserved reputation as a card-wrecker. The challenge is in the course. There is no uphill work, something appreciated by our older members, but you need your wits about you to meet the challenges presented in the course design. The playing surfaces are always in superb condition and rolling greens with subtle slopes make for an interesting time.

HOLES 1 – 343 meters & 10 – 359 meters

Par 4 (Gents) Par 5 (Ladies)

A severe right dog leg. A stiff opening hole where length and accuracy off the tee are rewarded. Any miss-hit shot is in trouble as there is out of bounds on the right and a stream that must be carried at 190 meters.

Negotiate this and you have a clear shot to wide green and short green protected by two bunker.

HOLES 2 – 319 Meters & 11 – 304 Meters

Par 4

A superb driving hole. Distance is not an issue but accuracy is. The second shot is the key. The green is two-tiered, get on the wrong tier and a two putt is difficult.

HOLES 3 – 120 Meters & 12 – 121 Meters

Par 3

A short par three to an island green. The target is much bigger than it seems from the tee, Convincing yourself of this is the problem here. A real card wrecker

HOLES 4 – 475 Meters & 13 – 526 Meters

Par 5

It’s on in two but there is a lily pond to carry to get to the green. The drive is tight, Out of bounds on the right and trees on the left keeps you honest. Many will hit an iron off the tee.

Holes 5 – 137 Meters & 14 Meters – 154

Par 3

The club selection here depends on the breeze. Three smiling bunkers to be carried to a green sloping towards you. A good shot will be rewarded.

Holes 6 – 366 Meters & 15 Meters – 358

Par 4

A cracking driving hole with out of bounds on the right, trees, and heavy rough with a quarry on the left. The green is generous and unprotected, and correct club selection is vital for second shot to the green.

Holes 7 – 283 Meters & 16 Meters – 295

Par 4

Drivable, but again there is water at 200 meters. The green offers its own protection, as it is elevated, quick and difficult to hold.

Holes 8 – 558 Meters & 17 Meters – 535

Par 5

The green mile – that’s what it feels like. Three good shots required here. A slight dogleg with two fairway bunkers to negotiate. The green is long with a gentle up slope.

Holes 9 – 130 Meters & 18 Meters – 141/156

Par 3

Pear shaped green, with a bunker back left, out of bounds also on the left with a lake to contend with on the right. Easy!!! Especially with a gallery watching from the clubhouse patio area.